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December 2019

I. Overview
II. Editable Toolbars
ExoToolbarsModel — The toolbars backend used by ExoToolbarsView
ExoToolbarsEditor — Widget to edit toolbars
ExoToolbarsEditorDialog — Dialog to edit toolbars
ExoToolbarsView — Widget for displaying toolbars
III. Additional widgets
ExoIconBar — A widget for displaying icon bars
ExoIconChooserDialog — Dialog to select icons
ExoIconView — A widget which displays a list of icons in a grid
ExoTreeView — An improved version of GtkTreeView
ExoWrapTable — A container widget with automatic child layouting
IV. Additional cell renderers
ExoCellRendererEllipsizedText — Renders text in a cell
ExoCellRendererIcon — Renders an icon in a cell
V. Framework for threaded/asynchronous jobs
ExoJob — Base class for threaded/asynchronous jobs
ExoSimpleJob — Simple interface to execute functions asynchronously
VI. Extensions to existing frameworks
Extensions to gdk-pixbuf — Miscelleanous extensions to the gdk-pixbuf library
Extensions to GObject — Miscelleanous extensions to the gdk-pixbuf library
Extensions to Gtk+ — Miscelleanous extensions to the Gtk+ library
VII. Miscelleanous
Version Information — Variables and macros to check the exo version
Binding Properties Functions — Functions used to bind two object properties together
Executing Applications — Execute preferred applications
String Utility Functions — Various string-related functions
Miscellaneous Utility Functions — Various utility functions
ExoXsessionClient — Lightweight session management support
VIII. Tools
exo-csource — C code generation utility for arbitrary data
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