Part III. Additional widgets

Table of Contents

ExoIconBar — A widget for displaying icon bars
ExoIconChooserDialog — Dialog to select icons
ExoIconView — A widget which displays a list of icons in a grid
ExoTreeView — An improved version of GtkTreeView
ExoWrapTable — A container widget with automatic child layouting

This section describes the additional widgets provided by the exo library. The ExoIconBar, ExoIconView and ExoTreeView are views that display data from a GtkTreeModel, and can be seen as extensions to the basic widgets in Gtk+. For example, both ExoIconView and ExoTreeView offer support for single-click mode, which is not provided by their Gtk+ counterparts.

The ExoIconChooserDialog is a special widget, that presents a dialog to let the user select an icon from the current icon theme or from an image file in the file system. You should use this dialog whenever you want the user to select an icon, instead of just displaying a GtkFileChooserDialog.