exo-csource — C code generation utility for arbitrary data


exo-csource [options] [file]

exo-csource [options] --build-list [ [name] [file] ...]


exo-csource is a small utility that generates C code containing arbitrary data, useful for compiling texts or other data directly into programs.


exo-csource either takes as input one file name to generate code for, or, using the --build-list option, a list of (name, file) pairs to generate code for a list of images into named variables.


-h, --help

Print brief help and exit.

-v, --version

Print version information and exit.


Generate extern symbols.


Generate static symbols (default).


Specifies the identifier name (prefix) for the generated variables (only used if --build-list was not specified as well).


Enables (name, file) pair parsing mode.


Prints the output to identifier instead of stdout (only used if --build-list was not specified as well).

See also

The gdk-pixbuf-csource utility which ships with the Gtk+ distribution, available from www.gtk.org.


exo-csource was written by Benedikt Meurer .

This manual page was provided by Benedikt Meurer .